The Theory of Everything

'What now appear as the paradoxes of quantum theory will seem just as common sense to our children's children.' - Professor Stephen Hawking - British Theoretical Physicist

Congratulations to Eddie Redmayne who wins yet another award last Sunday night @The Screen Actors Guild Awards for his portrayal of living legend Prof. Stephen Hawking in the amazing film 'The Theory of Everything'. The film has so far been awarded 10 Bafta nominations, 5 Academy Award nominations, won 2 Golden Globe awards et al, not only for Eddie's remarkable performance but for Felicity Jones, who plays his wife Jane, of 25 years, in the film which is based upon her memoir book called "Travelling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen". The film is part biopic, part love story and is deeply moving but as one critic put it 'as not so much the theory of everything as everything but the theory'! Hawking is the world's most celebrated living scientist who believes and proves you are not your body but you are your consciousness. He was diagnosed with motor neurone disease as a gifted 21 year old Cambridge student and told he had 2 years to live and he is now a celebrated 72 year old whose body and mind have exceeded the expectations of medical science! What I love about cinema is that it can change lives because it can change minds..........

It got me thinking more on his belief of the quantum theory as quoted above and how this knowledge can affect all our lives.

Quantum physics informs each observer sees her/his own unique universe literally independently - how powerful is that? So as quoted by celebrated author and futurist Greg Kuhn "Quantum physics goes on to show us that you create your unique material reality not just through your observations, but more importantly, through your expectations. When you change your beliefs you will change your universe!" So expect the best. Most physicists today believe that the quantum theory is correct - so I list below the way to access through your expectations this quantum physics super power!

1) Sometimes you have to get away to be inspired - silence is necessary to access your own inner wisdom.

2) Give your subconscious good clear directions! Remember you are the President and CEO of your life - your subconscious is the most powerful asset you own.

3) Through gratitude you can appreciate everything you have now.

4) Through affirmations and visualizations you change your feelings and then the outside circumstances will change. The power is from within but we cannot receive it unless we give it.

5) Build your knowledge bank to help you harness more of this subconscious super power

6) Collaborate and have positive experiences and fun - if in doubt - go out to play!

7) Stay fit and healthy - like attracts like and it's good for your spirit and soul and energy vibration

8) How you empower others is believe in them, trust in them and make them feel secure - that in turn empowers you

9) Believe it is an abundant world - our expectations create our world and we can change and improve our expectations

10) Be open and aware of life's synchronicities and serendipity - they are there if you are willing to see them

I love Quantum Physics and I've practiced the law of attraction most of my life even without realising it as a child. We are all born with this knowledge but it gets ignored in our current education system. Time to change the system because once you realise you have this power and you can practice this in a conscious way, your life goes into supercharge and you can create the life you want!

'Although I cannot move and I have to speak through a computer, in my mind I am free' - Prof. Stephen Hawking

'One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.' - Henry Miller

'Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.' - Roald Dahl