Life is much more mysterious.


'Any thought put into your mind and nourished regularly will produce results in your life.' 


Beautiful, meaningful, positive affirmations have the power to rewire your beliefs and to raise your vibration and inspire you every day. Your thoughts create your life - so we must learn to translate our thoughts into words and eventually into actions in order to manifest our intentions. Inspiring affirmations will help imprint your subconscious mind and must be practised and practised every day until they become second nature. Affirmations help purify our thoughts and restructure the dynamic of our brains so that we truly believe and think nothing is impossible! 

Affirmations must be positive, present tense, personal statements about the reality you want to create. So this is always said as 'I am' or 'I have' - as though you've already received what you are affirming now. The simple act of using an affirmation such as 'I am so grateful for ABUNDANCE in every area of my life,' can be a game changer. 15 minutes a day - repeating them over and over again, silently or aloud, will change your life! In fact affirmations are probably the easiest and simplest technique I know of to influence and affect the conscious mind. 


In life and work, success begins with a goal. Visualisation brings order to your mind by creating a new 'inner landscape' that in turn produces results on the outside. Visualisation is using your imagination to see, feel or describe something you would like to create as if it's actually happening right now; picturing yourself having or doing the thing you want and successfully achieving the results you desire. Make it real and detailed in your mind so you enter the role and become it and feel it in your mind. Visualise your goal at least once a day, each and every day. There is power in repetition, so use positive affirmations to give your goals additional positive energy and in your daily meditation practice too.