Conscious creation, perseverance and actions

conscious creation, perseverance and action
conscious creation, perseverance and action

I've just spent 2 days at a conference with Hay House at Imperial College London - very inspiring work - thank you team! It confirmed everything I know to be true and works. That we can consciously create what we want in life by being clear about our goals and then consciously creating with our mind and actions to make our goals happen. However, being clear about what we want takes time and I find writing my own personal mission statement clarifies my goals and gives me a clear sense of purpose. Once you have that vision you need to sew it into the very fibres of your being - your mind is omnipotent and omniscient and will help in working towards the reality of that vision. That's why repetitive visualisations and affirmations for just 10-15 minutes on a daily basis work, as they build a neural pathway to your subconscious and help magnetise the good stuff to you. Also pay attention to the people you meet along the way and be open to life's synchronicities and serendipity - from people to books to all kinds of coincidences and channel any fears you have into clarity. Your brain will then bring your goals into reality.

As I've said in many earlier blogs I have usually expected the best and got it, but I now have more tools in my toolkit to consciously create what I want. Any setbacks now I consider to be lessons that help me learn and make better choices next time - always remind yourself that there is a greater purpose to all setbacks. However I can confirm that an expectation of the best, has a way of organising forces in your favour. The subconscious which regulates many of our actions, merely reflects our beliefs. As Norman Vincent Peale said, "Doubt closes the power flow. Faith opens it." You can achieve anything if you have faith, gratitude and forgiveness.

Physical exercise is another important factor in helping us to realise our dreams as Dr. Susie Anthony says, "Spiritual warriors understand the importance of staying in shape. Just like professional athletes, the ones who make it to the top know they must keep themselves fit. A regular and balanced exercise regimen has a multitude of benefits - it reduces stress, clears the mind, builds endurance and contributes to that 'look of a winner'. It makes no difference what form you choose, just as long as you enjoy it enough to do it 4 or 5 times a week." Ditto with a good nourishing diet and good sleep too.

One final point I'd like to add is to create your own power posse or tribe - there is nothing like sharing your journey with like minded people who want to define success differently and make the world a better place!

'Forget about the glass ceiling - let's change the system altogether by redefining the very meaning of success' -   Arianna Huffington

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