Female style 2013

Happy New Year to everyone reading this and here's to a great 2013! Over the Christmas break I managed to catch up on articles that I had marked and wanted to read but hadn't as yet. As part of being a Bafta voter I get an on-line subscription to The Hollywood Reporter. It really is a terrific magazine even if you don't work in the business - it has many interesting articles to read. One that stood out for me was in the November 9th issue 2012 on 'Power dressing: The New Rules of Hollywood Female Style.' To sum up it was music to my ears and I'm sure to many other women as Hollywood seems to lead the way in fashion.

It appears power dressing for women has evolved and changed.  A woman no longer has to be a devil in Prada she's allowed to indulge in her femininity in a way power women never did before. Dresses and separates rule the day and night - dress like a girl because we already have our own power. Expressing your individuality is the order of the day. At one time all the women just dressed like the guys - now no longer - femininity is the way to go - pantsuits are out and dresses are in! Fashion can be an asset in today's entertainment business. Funny - I always thought it was in any business!

One thing I really applaud is that red carpets aren't for actresses anymore. Women film executives now turn-up in as many photos as the star's they represent. As the film awards season is underway.....check it out.

I've worn dresses for as long as I can remember - I think looking feminine is great - but what I'm pleased about is the psychology behind this change in dress code for women. They are choosing to show their femininity and softness and still remain powerful.  To me this is freedom from the shackles of power dressing - to dress as a woman and not to stifle your individuality or femininity.  As the Dalai Lama is reported to have said "The world will be saved by the western woman........" and I say she'll be wearing a frock in the process!

Can I recommend a book that's to be released on Jan 17th 2013 by author Steve Biddulph called 'Raising Girls'. A must read for girls and boys of all ages!


Images courtesy of 1. Larry Busacca/Getty Images North America), 2. Pinterest 3. Jane Fuller 4. Mirror.co.uk 5. The Weddingbox.com, 6. Atlantic Pacific blog