We Are What We Eat

This week my blog is about the food we eat and being aware of how that food is produced and where it comes from. A healthy body is part of making life grand and what we feed our bodies is of prime importance. We think with our bodies so what goes on in the inside shows on the outside. So feed your body the best primal foods you can and being aware of how that food is produced is part of the process. I met Tracy Worcester at a Christies event last year and we've been friends ever since. She single handedly started 'Pig Business' which investigates the rise of factory pig farming, a system which abuses animals, pollutes the environment, threatens human health through dangerous overuse of antibiotics and wrecks rural communities. Her film now in 21 languages, has had a huge impact across the world by highlighting the utter horrors associated with the modern industrial-scale pig production.

Zac and Ben Goldsmith co-hosted a dinner at Sake no Hana restaurant with Tracy this week on the subject of the film 'Pig Business' to help raise funds so Tracy and her team can go out and make more country-specific versions of the film and distribute. The event was not only successful but fun too with many of Tracy's fans and supporters - from Dominic West to Evgeny Lebedev to the rest of the Goldsmith family, Brian May, etc etc.  We are what we eat so it makes sense to feed your body the best and question where that food comes from.


Talking of good food I was invited to LA Suite West in Inverness Terrace, W2, for lunch on one of those now rare sunny September days. We sat outside on the terrace and the food was fresh, seasonal, simple and delicious - well worth a visit.

I also went to Angharad McAlpine (nee Rees) the actress of Poldark fame, memorial service at St. Pauls Church in Knightsbridge yesterday. The church was packed - I'm not sure how we squeezed in. A wonderful event in celebration of Angharad's life. Her son Rhys had worked for me in his school holidays many years earlier and I'd worked with his late father Christopher Cazenove on the Scottish Widows commercials that I'd produced in the 90's. There were wonderful addresses by Rhys and Julian Fellowes, readings by Edward Fox and family members and Lulu sang the best rendition of 'Smile' I have ever heard!  If we weren't all emotional by that time - we soon were. However the sun shone through the church windows which I'd like to think meant Angharad approved of it all. Amen.