An African Christmas

As Katharine Hepburn was making 'The African Queen' with John Huston and Humphrey Bogart she was quoted as saying 'I never dreamed that any experience could be so stimulating' - that's exactly how I still feel about my many African Christmasses with the Zwager family including this latest one!

With much love and thanks to all the cast and players in the essence of this Bafta voting season for making this Christmas and New Year so special:

Juni and her wonderful love, homes, cooking, organizational skills and laughter and Hans - an overall big thank you for your creation; Karl for keeping the mozzies off me and all his beautiful photographs see above; Peter and Teresa and their love and laughter; Lienette and her Christmas Day extravaganza; Tammy and her frocks, Jake and his big smile, Nico and his flying, Leila and your help, Johnny and his kitesailing, Adam and your charm, Twain and your organic honey - yum; Suzanne and her beautiful photographs; Hamish and Louiza and growing family including Jack and his wounds; Brad for his charm and networking skills; Roberta and Chris for their beautiful home and new friendship and Chrissie, Joe and Esther, Mary and Jerry; all the staff including Monica, Joshua, Odiambo, Jane, Joyce, Nancy, Steven, Zito and Wambui, Miriam, Simon, Silvano, Kio, Vincent, Limoni and all the dogs including Dottie, Trix, Bouncer et al and the cats - big and small; Naivasha, Manda Island, Lamu, Chui Lodge and Kiangazi House et al ( and all the animals you can think of! I hope I have not missed anyone off the list - if I have, please forgive in the spirit of this thanks!

Thank you so much again! xxxxxx

'I restore my soul in nature' - Jane Fuller