You Are The Director, Producer, Writer And Chief Protagonist Of Your Life

‘I am big! It’s the pictures that got small.’ - Norma Desmond (Sunset Boulevard) 

‘Make your life be your art and you will never be forgotten’ - Charlotte Eriksson

‘You are the hero of your own story.’ - Joseph Campbell

‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’  -  Walt Disney

I am a storyteller. We are all storytellers. We are the directors, producers and stars of our own movie called ‘Life’. I believe we are all stars.

When I started writing my first blog I called it ‘Life is an Epic Production’ because I wanted to get the message across that we really are the director, producer, writer and chief protagonist of our own lives - and if we treat life as an epic production that we get to write, produce and direct, what fun we can have! By being aware of what we attract with our thoughts and words we really can shine!

By becoming our own first fan, believing in ourselves and by understanding and accepting and embracing who we are we can love and nurture our inner screenwriter!

Also, dress for the role you want - become that person as Cate Blanchett or Mark Rylance would when practising for a role - she/he puts on the wardrobe, hair and make-up and becomes that person. That’s the magic of the movies and it’s also the magic of life but it goes much deeper than that…

Your mind is yours to direct too because your mind controls the results. Demand that your mind helps you. As you choose your family so you choose your life - with visualisations and affirmations - exactly how actors work on becoming the role they play.

Believe that what you want has already happened because you attract through your beliefs. If you’re not happy, change your beliefs in your subconscious because your subconscious is the one in control of the programmes in your mind.

Remember to be grateful for any negative moments too - see them as a positive for learning because we learn far more from our failures than our successes but also remember that there is no limit to what you can have. Don’t let the programmes in your subconscious sabotage you! Remember, we see the world not as it is but as we are, so re-write your inner dialogue to stardom.

As we live, we learn who we are and with self-knowledge comes self belief! Let your very identity be your hook. If you can dream it you can do it - that’s the magic of the movies too! And remember to edit out the unhappy replays that you have in your mind that can just be faulty subconscious thinking - make way for a new way of thinking. Choose to create long-term health and happiness for yourself because it really is a choice.

Make a statement of intent to be who you want to be - announce it daily to the universe. By working on your mental and physical fitness you will improve your attitude and energy levels and point of attraction too! And meditation/mindfulness can help  give a lasting change to your beliefs.

Make people feel better and lighter - because you have unique gifts and talents to share and remember you have to be your own first fan!

You get to be the star of your life - and success and gratitude go hand in hand which every BAFTA/Oscar winner understands…… are the star of your own movie so don’t cast yourself as an extra! Let the way people say your name sound like the sweetest melody but live for your soul not your ego because we have everything we need within us!

BAFTA voting is underway and it got me thinking about what fun the movies play in our lives. This is one of the reasons I loved producing. You act as if. I think that is why most people love Christmas - in that it’s fun and glamorous like a great movie.

May you have the most fun and glamorous Christmas and may your dreams come true in 2016!

And remember, when you wish upon a star we are also made up of the same material as the stars - energy and light!

Have a very Happy Christmas and a brilliant New Year!

With much love and appreciation,



'We deserve the right to twinkle' - Marilyn Monroe