Worldwide Well-being

'Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.' - Carl Gustav Jung

Well-being, Finding your purpose
Well-being, Finding your purpose

Recently HuffPost GPS for the Soul wrote about the World's Best (and Worst) Regions For Well-being. It makes fascinating reading with the survey measuring different varieties of well-being in purpose, social, physical, financial and community; Panama being the global leader in terms of thriving, followed by Costa Rica, Denmark, Austria and Brazil. However across the globe our greatest struggle evidently is in purpose and 'liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve our goals'. I wrote about this on May 16th 2013 in a blog called 'Do you like what you do each day?' as I believe that you will only be truly satisfied and have well-being when your skills, ability, personality and dreams all come together and you find your purpose and place in the world.

Sir Ken Robinson is one of my mentors and in his book 'Finding Your Element - How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life', he shows that age and occupation are no barriers to discovering what makes you happiest and that once we have found our path we can help others do the same - which gives you a double whammy of purpose and well-being! Happiness is often enhanced by looking beyond yourself and engaging with the needs of others.

Purpose is essential for our psychological health and can enhance our self-esteem and flow. It is a fundamental component of a fulfilling life - which is why our attention needs to be occupied by external things otherwise we get bored, anxious, depressed and self-centred.

I found my purpose through finding my spiritual path - I'm not religious but we are all spiritual beings and I found that once I'd hooked into finding that inner connection and honouring my values - I found my new purpose and evolution in 'making the world a better place'. Just as you eat healthy foods and exercise to take care of your body, seeking a meaningful life of purpose nourishes your spirit and enhances your emotional and physical health as well - which ultimately improves your well-being! Health also brings a freedom very few realize, until they no longer have it, but I found that once I lived my life with a sense of trust, it dramatically changes everything.

The conclusion being if the world is struggling to achieve well-being in purpose, I do believe that honouring your spiritual self and finding that inner connection would benefit many people the world over and bringing that into everything you do and everyone you meet - after all friendship and kindness are life enhancing!

'Live life as though everything were rigged in your favour.' - Rumi