Victory For Obama!


America owes the world an apology - what better person to deliver that message than Barack Obama. What a relief he’s been given another 4 years’ to do so. I have been a fan of America since I was child – my father would bring me back Walt Disney characters from Disneyland and dresses from New York from his many business trips there. My parents would go to first night Broadway musicals so its written in my DNA that I would love America.

I have worked in America countless times since as a Producer in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, etc. etc. I have many American friends in London and America. I was invited to the American Election Party at the American Embassy in London last night and so I have a great affinity towards the USA. Thank heavens the American people gave Barack Obama a second term. Elections matter. They are important. What happens in America affects us. As is often said “when America sneezes – the world catches a cold!”

My view is that Barack Obama came along at the right moment in history in 2008. He touched on the zeitgeist of that moment in time. In an age when we need more authenticity from our leaders he can now continue as the most powerful leader in the world and he’s still the man of the moment – how cool is that?! He needed more than 4 years’ to get the job done – let’s hope Hillary Clinton continues the good work in 2016!

I believe we are in a period of massive change and social transformation. People need to feel heard and listened to – they will not put up with bullshit and lies anymore – its power to the people now with twitter, Facebook, etc., powering through peoples’ lives. They want their  leaders to be authentic – a person who can lead by example and from the front – by being true to their conviction. Adaptable, flexible, empowering, motivating and inspiring others – having values, honor and integrity. A good leader today needs to have a good IQ and EQ. Also being able to grasp the increasingly rapid pace of technology which may open up opportunities – as seen in the Arab Spring. A leader who also understands the importance of women in their lives who tend to focus on the importance of building good relationships! Over to you Hillary…………

PS You wouldn't believe that an old boyfriend of mine now funds the Tea Party would you!?