'Interstellar' - the world of Quantum Physics and the New Spirituality

'Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life's coming attractions.' - Albert Einstein

Jane Fuller
Jane Fuller

I'm still in the midst of viewing Bafta voting movies and have just recently seen 'Interstellar' - Christopher Nolan's visually spectacular movie about Quantum Physics, wormholes, black holes, gravity and time travel. As Mark Kermode says, 'Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' is the work of someone who dreams with their eyes open'. It got me thinking about an area that I'm fascinated by and how everything in the quantum universe is connected including us. Quantum Physics opens doors to multiple universes and conscious time travel - where an hour on a distant planet equals lost years back on Earth and despite voyaging adventures across time, space and gravity the constant is love.

Quantum Physics (QP) supports and basically proves the reality of the spiritual world - I believe its the coolest science of all! QP is about multiple dimensions and parallel worlds, energy and consciousness and life after death, psychic abilities, telepathy, having dreams that are prophetic, visualisations that come true, serendipity or the pleasant surprises in life, having psychic connections with people, spiritual abilities and miracles. However, although quantum physics formally replaced classical physics in the 1920's, the old philosophy is still taught in schools today and widely accepted. I gather some of the top uni's think QP is a must for all physicists, but why isn't this taught in schools at a younger age? Bruce Lipton - a cell biologist (Stanford Universty) - discovered that our bodies are influenced more by energy and our thoughts than by DNA. So if we listen to our inner guidance we can create what we believe in our thoughts and imagination. How we perceive something is how it shows up for us (please read my blog 'Conscious creation, perserverance and actions' - March 15th 2014). We are always creating our own reality - whether conscious or not - however your life is reflected back to you by your thinking - so expect the best! We live in a universe where science and spirituality is one and the same - Quantum Physics shows us our thoughts create our world.

Superficiality of the modern era denies us access to the power and wisdom in silence - that's where mindfulness has come into help our thinking. If we can get very clear, lazer like, in what we want - believe it - then let it go and let the universe make it come together - we can create a wonderful life for ourselves. Our minds are so powerful but we're not taught how to think - learn to think and harness the powers of your subconscious. These are such beneficial principles to live your life by - but we are not taught this in our current education system. We create our own reality by the thoughts we think and the words we speak. We are creators and we can empower ourselves by being conscious of our thoughts - thoughts matter and they become matter - so we can consciously create the life we want. This stuff works - why aren't we taught to use these powers!? Instead the modern culture is to teach that life is difficult and stressful, but the ultimate demonstration of quantum law is that we can create a positive future that we have lived in our mind. It really is very simple - try it - keeping focused about what you want and where you're going. Every day should feel good. If it doesn't, make it so! If you feel good you will attract the good to your life anyway. That's why staying in shape and being fit make you feel good so you attract more of that feeling into your life! As author Augusten Burroughs says, 'You manufacture beauty with your mind'.

'I admit that thoughts influence the body.' - Albert Einstein