Conscious Business

'The secret of a good life is that you have to put yourself on the list of the people you most admire'  -  Socrates - 2,000 years ago!  

business conciousness
business conciousness

A few years ago I believed that it was not possible to integrate the values closest to my heart with business. The material and spiritual way did not mix - it was a choice of one or the other. Well my revelation happened when I read and heard Fred Kofman speak about his book 'Conscious Business: How to build value through values'. It changed how I thought about business in a profound way - how often can you say that!

Fred proves that you can act in business in total alignment with your values and this is why he wrote the book 'Conscious Business'. Fred believes that the way to build value in any business is to come from your heart - you do not have to sell your soul. The way you engage with the world becomes the vehicle for you to express what is truly dear to your heart. So you can be fulfilled in your spirit and soul in business and life. How do you bring this into practice? It is through 'consciousness' and how to build value through your values. You don't have to sell-out to be successful. You can engage with the world from the perspective of your values and not sell-out. Think of what you want to do with your life? What qualities do you admire in other people? Write it down - you can create your values from this exercise. There is no trade-off. You need to see business as an area of expression. It is not a life/work balance. It is both together. The values you practice in life and business become the vehicle that is truly dear and important to you.

This book is so profound and touches on such an important and fundamental issue and yet still not enough business leaders practice this method of working. Yes - there is a lot of philanthropic work going on and that is terrific - but we have seen in the last few years in the city and banking no values to speak of and a lack of empathy too i.e.,'I win, you whatever.'

Consciousness - is taking a stance in the world - having values and living by them in your everyday personal and working life. Fred Kofman's teaching is the concept that conscious actions and communications are a central component of a successful business and a happy working enviroment. I think this fundamental practice is the way to get out of any financial crisis and the way forward for business in the 21st century!

I realised that I was here to help spread the message about integrating values into working life - so no-one has to sell out - to make the world a better place to live and work - the two are intertwined.

'Connect with the music you have in your heart' - Fred Kofman