It Takes Time to be Human

‘There is a space within you where you are already perfect, whole and complete. It is a space of pure consciousness – the space inside which all thoughts come and go. When you rest in the feeling of this space, the warmth of it heals your mind and body.’ - Michael Neill


Silence. Peace.

To access creativity, rest more.

Try less.

Relax into better thoughts and allow your grid to fill-in.

The flawed premise of our current world is that the more you do, the more you are worth. Busyness is the most flawed premise of all. I worked for 30 years under this flawed premise – and realised the futility of just striving to earn more money - I thought the busier I was the happier I’d be! With everyone else competing to be busier! How silly is that now?! It triggered a deeper quest for more meaning in my life.

I’ve learnt that the better you feel the more you allow – that is the Law of the Universe and the Law of Attraction.

If you listen to your inner voice it will guide you. We need to give time to being human. We need to understand how our thoughts can affect our behaviour and ultimately our health. This fast-moving over-technological world we live in marginalises the soul. It marginalises the spirit and is one of the biggest problems of our modern age – being connected to technology 24/7 has a huge effect on our ability to connect to our lives, ourselves and the people we love. A life lived without spirituality needs more and more of the material life to keep the sense of emptiness at bay.

Carve out more time for yourself and tend to the well-being of yourself first – then you can help others because you will be fully replenished and aligned with what you want to achieve. Replenish. Replenish. Replenish. Otherwise you will have nothing to give. It’s all about stopping and smelling the roses. Life isn’t a race. It’s about enjoying each and every moment and being in the moment and living life fully.

Trust the process because you need to slow down
in order for the Law of Attraction to work. When you’re relaxed the creative thoughts you think will help you attract what you want. Take a breather and make time for yourself as much as possible. This is a more holistic approach
to life – money and power are not enough – you need to create a life of wellbeing to access wisdom and magic. Once you’re aligned with what you want with your thinking you can access the good stuff more easily and amplify the ease of things and emphasise your vibrational alignment.

Here are 4 ideas that have helped me access the upward alignment:

  1. Meditate for 5 minutes a day – eventually you can build up to 15 to 20 minutes a day or more and build a new habit that has many proven benefits.
    When you quieten the mind you can access the good stuff and nurture your intuitive right brain. This life is an inside job. The state of humanity is down to the state of it’s thinking. Busy thinking subsides when we meditate then new thought becomes available. Creativity really does expand with solitude.

  2. Go outside and appreciate this planet of ours. I exercise for 30 minutes in Kensington Gardens amongst nature and peace and I’ve found that incredibly healing. I look upward and outward and acknowledge that a higher universal energy is looking right at me, supporting me, assisting me, helping me, showing me and looking after me and guiding me in whatever I want to achieve that day. I call it my daily check-in with a higher power and, yes, it works! The more you believe the more likely it is to work for you too.

  3. Start a gratitude notebook and write down all the things you’re grateful for and celebrate all the good things in your life and keep adding to it regularly. This helps train your mind for a positive upward alignment whereby you expect the best.

  4. Eat high vibrational nourishing food and drink plenty of water to cleanse your system and nourish your cells. The energy of natural food changes the vibration of our nervous system – so what you eat has a profound affect on the body/mind energy connection.

‘A man who has no imagination has no wings.’ - Muhammad Ali