My Healing Workshop

I’m shortly to do a workshop in London based on the philosophy of best-selling author, and metaphysical teacher Louise L. Hay and my own life’s experience. As I’ve talked about this a few times and many people have asked me what this entails - I wanted to share with you some of the wisdom of this particular work.

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It Takes Time to be Human

Silence. Peace. 

To access creativity, rest more.

Try less.

Relax into better thoughts and allow your grid to fill-in.

The flawed premise of our current world is that the more you do, the more you are worth. Busyness is the most flawed premise of all. I worked for 30 years under this flawed premise – and realised the futility of just striving to earn more money - I thought the busier I was the happier I’d be! With everyone else competing to be busier! How silly is that now?! It triggered a deeper quest for more meaning in my life.

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